Baseball on the Upper Field

In the 60’s, the baseball diamond was located on the upper field (between the paddleball wall and Central Supply). The location is shown in this photo:


This photo, with the garages in the background, helps identify the location:




Same location in 1965. Some time in the 1970’s, this backstop was moved to the lower field.


and 1963:


There were some serious baseball games played here . ca. 1964:


The Terrace

Terrace under construction in 1964. The window on the right would later become a door:


Newly constructed auditorium and office (at right) in 1964.  The office window would be replaced by a door and a full kitchen installed to prepare food for the Swim/Weekend Club. The building was out-of-bounds during camp and was largely unused from the 80’s onward.


Arts & crafts in front of the “The Terrace”.  Notice door instead of window.



Original design for the Terrace:

Oasis Plan June 1964



Kitchen Layout:

Auditorium Kitchen Layout

After the Swim Club wound down, all of the kitchen supplies were moved into two storage closets built on either side of the stage in the auditorium and remained there until camp closed.

auditorium stage