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T-Pool Construction / Locker Room Addition

This is the locker room facing the I-Pool:

J (73)

This is the other side of the locker room showing site prep prior to excavation for T-Pool in 1964:

 Construction Sequence: LABELLEDcollage

The deck of locker room was partially removed to allow a pump room to be excavated. Blocks stacked at left will frame the pump room walls.  A doorway was later opened in this section of the locker room with steps down to the T-Pool.

Locker Room Expansion:

Notice that the locker room stops at the edge of the deep end. It was expanded by several sections to include office space.


Plans for the locker room addition:

Addition to Lockers- crop

Locker Room Addition as Built

First season:



(From David Morrison) The T-Pool water was kept clear by a diatomaceous earth filter housed underground, below the T-Pool Locker Room. The filter had to be backwashed, generally twice daily, and a new application of diatomaceous earth applied each time. During my tenure at the Camp, it was mostly I or Dominic who performed this function. Unfortunately, no one at the time fully understood the dangers of inhalation associated with crystalline diatomaceous earth (which, while not asbestos, is an asbestos-like substance), so we didn’t wear masks to prevent it. In today’s environment, doing that kind of work without a mask would be unheard of. I shutter to think of how much of that stuff we inhaled. Fortunately, the summer was only 60-some-odd days long, so I doubt that any permanent harm was done to either of us, although the damaging effects are cumulative, since the fibres never really leave one’s system. In any event, whaddaya gonna do?


TRIVIA: The first people to swim in the T-Pool were  Ellen (Eli)  Sobel, Jeff Levy, Jackie Sugarman, Janice Langer and Myrna Mosoff. (Thanks to Paul Sobel.)