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The Stagecoach

In the early 60’s, Bert collected on a debt by accepting a pony carousel and this stagecoach. It was hitched to a team of horses and used for rides periodically as seen in the video below:

For a time, it sat in the Peewee unit when not being used for rides: Tue 8-5-2014 10-41-43 AMIn the mid-70’s it was no longer safe for use and was placed beside the road in front of Sr. A&C.  It became a scheduled activity to play in it!  It was removed around 1979 after it became unsafe.  The photo below is from 1977: IMG_0005e (4)

Below, the stagecoach shown hitched to a horse team during a special day in 1965.  Note the custom leather back:


cIMG_0006 (5)

Photos from Dianne Erdos-Rush:

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