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Original Office

The camp office was originally located in the building beside the future location of the mini-golf course.  The door of the office opened to the I-Pool and there was an open counter around the corner, facing the kitchen.

In 1964, the office was relocated to the new building beside the auditorium.

The photo below shows the original office building after 1964. The door to the I-Pool has been closed up:

office door

This is a close-up of the office from the photo above:


This photo shows a similar view of the office while still in use:

old office

This is a view of the other side of the building after 1964. A new door was installed, replacing the open counter:


Another view of the area near the office. The building in the background (behind the woman on the platform) was a temporary structure.  The large boxes outside the office are new towels which were likely distributed from the office:


The photo below is taken in front of the fence shown in the photo above:


This is the area in front of the office where the Outdoor Patio would later be built.  The gate to the left, where the man is entering, is the same gate seen in the photo above. The blue platform is the one that the woman is standing on in the photo above.  Notice that the temporary structure is gone:


Because of all the traffic around the office, there were notice boards nearby: IpoolMG


The is an aerial photo of the area: