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The Auditorium – Construction & Use

With increasing enrolment and a need for more indoor facilities, plans for the auditorium began in 1963. Prominent Toronto architect Mandel Sprachman designed the auditorium and adjacent buildings, receiving an award for his design.  The project was featured in The Canadian Architect magazine in March, 1965. Among his many projects, Sprachman also restored the city’s legendary Elgin-Winter Garden vaudeville house to its original splendour.

The auditorium was used for numerous purposes in the early years. The swim club held dances and bridge tournaments. Several weddings were also held there. The ski club had Friday night dances leading Bert to star a short-lived Friday night dance club for teenagers. David Clayton Thomas was one of the first performers. Adjacent to the Auditorium was the Terrace, which included washrooms and a full kitchen.  It was later used as a snack bar for the ski and swim clubs and was occasionally used for camp activities.  More about the Terrace HERE. The complex also included a fireplace and office building.

Construction of the Auditorium began in the fall of 1964 and the building was ready for use the following summer.

The black & white photos in this post were scanned from an uncut roll of 35mm film negatives.  It is unlikely that they were ever printed before.

View down the hill at the start of construction in 1964: IMG_0057 The first Auditorium beams being placed. Looking east, with Terrace in background: IMG_0053 IMG_0065 View from future location of Sugar Shack. Terrace on the left: IMG_0060 View from parking lot. Terrace in background. Cedar shingles for Auditorium roof in foreground:


  View from the bottom of the parking lot: IMG_0066 Bert in front of the auditorium during construction. 1964: Shingle application.  1964 shingles

Terrace Construction

The Terrace building was the first to be built.  The following 2 photos taken from future location of Auditorium doors. The window on the right would later be replaced with a door:


Photo taken from behind future Auditorium. Looking N/E:


Photo taken from Treehouse Field:


Office Building – taken from parking lot.  This is the office used by the supervisors and also contains the fireplace. The door at right would later attach to the main office via a glassed corridor. The main office building was not built at this time.  It was added several years later.


After completion:

Aerial View of Auditorium - 1964

The “Fireplace”:


Interior Views:

  80s, auditorium