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Locker Baskets

When the locker room was built, approximately 400 wire baskets were purchased to fit inside the lockers.

These baskets were initially used by Swim Club members in the 1960’s.  After the Swim Club closed in the 70’s, some of these baskets continued to be used in the locker room by campers.  A large number were stored away in the various swim buildings, but some found other uses around camp.

Many were used in Central Supply.  Cabin requisitions were filled and placed in the baskets. Consellors would pick up the baskets and return them – along with any left-over materials – when they were finished their activites.

These are 2 of the actual baskets purchased in 1959:



Some baskets were used to store records, like this one marked “SEPT 1976”:



This basket shows the original numbered badge.  The baskets – made by Andrews Wire Works in Watford, Ontario – were originally bare metal.  Some time after they were purchased, many were painted blue.  This paint has almost fully worn off: