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Thanks to Jon Fine & David Morrison

Thanks to Jon Fine for providing a number of camp slides as well as some Super-8 movies which will soon be available on the site.

Posts featuring Jon’s contributions will be tagged jonfine.

This material would not have been located without the efforts of  David Morrison.

Upon learning that the camp slides were lost when the camp closed, David made a number of inquiries  to determine whether anything remained.   He learned that Jon had saved Bert’s personal slides and movies.  Included in this material were an assortment of camp slides.  Unfortunately, many of these duplicate the content of the slides already on the site and those still to be posted.  However some present new material. These are being scanned and restored and will be posted in the near future.

Some of the movies also pertain to the camp.  These are currently being reviewed and will be digitized and posted as well.  The movies are definitely the greatest find of all.  A complete documentary “day at camp” film from the mid-60’s is the highlight.

The material obtained from Jon would appear to be the very last in existence.   David received confirmation that everything else was disposed of when the camp closed.