Kitchen & Outdoor Patio

Kitchen with arrows painted on the ground to show path into kitchen from A-Frames. 1989:   The front section shown above was not originally enclosed as shown in this photo:


  Outdoor patio with shingles ready to be replaced. 1989:


It is likely that the patio was relocated from the Peewee unit.  The photo below shows a similar structure which was removed after the cabins were built:


Trivia: At one time the “Outdoor” Patio may have been enclosed as shown in this photo from around 1965.  It is unclear when the side walls were removed or whether this image was altered to show the walls.

  The sinks for washing up before lunch: kitchen sinks

Bug Juice

“Bug Juice”

A sugary drink mixed in vast quantities from a mysterious powder commonly served on US Navy vessels in the enlisted men’s mess. Can also be used to clean brass.

Source: Urban Dictionary



Each day at 3:45 a snack was served before the buses were loaded.

In the 60’s through the mid 70’s vanilla ice cream cups (with wooden spoons) and popsicles were most common. Popsicles came in Lime, Banana, Orange, Red, Grape, Three-colour (red,white,blue). Sometimes, Mr. Freeze Pops.

On occasion, fruit was served. Usually plums or watermelon.

Jetsons and Zoolus having popsicles before boarding the buses:80s, snack, bags, phil, jetsons80s, snack, zoolus


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