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It was a last-minute addition to the building because the ski club was starting up. It was envisioned as a valuable spot during the winter time – and likely was. However, the ski club only lasted a few years after which the fireplace became a curiosity.

It was not included in the original design show below:

rev-Office Wing

Here is a preliminary design in which the fireplace has been added:

Fireplace design

The fireplace in the design above was changed.  The final design:

Office Wing Final original

In the late 80’s a small addition provided summer storage for the Board Of Education:

Office Wing Final

After completion in 1964:


The Fireplace area between the Auditorium and the Office. 1982


Kitchen & Outdoor Patio

Kitchen with arrows painted on the ground to show path into kitchen from A-Frames. 1989:   The front section shown above was not originally enclosed as shown in this photo:


  Outdoor patio with shingles ready to be replaced. 1989:


It is likely that the patio was relocated from the Peewee unit.  The photo below shows a similar structure which was removed after the cabins were built:


Trivia: At one time the “Outdoor” Patio may have been enclosed as shown in this photo from around 1965.  It is unclear when the side walls were removed or whether this image was altered to show the walls.

  The sinks for washing up before lunch: kitchen sinks

The Stagecoach

In the early 60’s, Bert collected on a debt by accepting a pony carousel and this stagecoach. It was hitched to a team of horses and used for rides periodically as seen in the video below:

For a time, it sat in the Peewee unit when not being used for rides: Tue 8-5-2014 10-41-43 AMIn the mid-70’s it was no longer safe for use and was placed beside the road in front of Sr. A&C.  It became a scheduled activity to play in it!  It was removed around 1979 after it became unsafe.  The photo below is from 1977: IMG_0005e (4)

Below, the stagecoach shown hitched to a horse team during a special day in 1965.  Note the custom leather back:


cIMG_0006 (5)

Photos from Dianne Erdos-Rush:

12074596_10153668466397037_581103706964393999_n 12079084_10153668465132037_1079188738251427905_n

The Terrace

Terrace under construction in 1964. The window on the right would later become a door:


Newly constructed auditorium and office (at right) in 1964.  The office window would be replaced by a door and a full kitchen installed to prepare food for the Swim/Weekend Club. The building was out-of-bounds during camp and was largely unused from the 80’s onward.


Arts & crafts in front of the “The Terrace”.  Notice door instead of window.



Original design for the Terrace:

Oasis Plan June 1964



Kitchen Layout:

Auditorium Kitchen Layout

After the Swim Club wound down, all of the kitchen supplies were moved into two storage closets built on either side of the stage in the auditorium and remained there until camp closed.

auditorium stage