Bus Stop

  1. In the mid-70’s – and probably  earlier – an old TTC Bus Stop / utility pole was anchored into the ground in the Ranger Area. How and when it got there is a mystery. Nevertheless, the pole became a landmark and meeting place.

bus stop

The Bus Stop is identified on this map – originally  made in 1980:


The Spiral Slide

The red spiral slide in the Peewee/Muppet unit was an iconic feature at the camp.  It was purchased in the early 60s.  It was manufactured by Blue Imp. in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

The company is still in business today and according to their website, they pioneered the stainless steel spiral slide – and this is an early model!  Never seen another like it.  According to the current president of the family-owned business, this slide first appeared in their catalogue in 1962.  He recalled seeing them manufactured when he was a boy. The final design was slightly different leading him to speculate that the slide at camp was an early version – from 1960 or 1961.

The slide was featured in several camp brochures and was a popular attraction through 1993.  It was removed in 1995 as part of the demolition as it no longer met playground regulations.




blue im

blue iump

Treehouse Field

The field in front of the Auditorium was know as the Treehouse Field.  The name came from the treehouse that was once located there.  The treehouse was removed in the early 80’s, but the name of the field remained the same.

Beside the treehouse in 1965:

1965-IMG_0002A (6)

A view of the treehouse in winter: