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Camp Ad with Error – 1981

From The Canadian Jewish News. November 12, 1981:


CJN November 12 1981 Ad

This ad was run in the fall of 1981. The upcoming season of 1982 would have been the 27th – NOT the 28th.

The 25th Anniversary was celebrated the summer of 1980 – as indicated by this promotional pen:

pen 2

The summer of 1981 was therefore the 26th.  The ad below from 1991 also validates this.  It correctly shows that 1991 was the 36th season.

march101991Thu 5-1-2014 12-39-50 AM



Video – Skiing at Forest Valley – 1965

Ski Club

In 1965, using fill excavated for the Spadina Expressway, Bert constructed a ski hill on the western edge of the valley.  The fill was essentially free and created yet another source of revenue – this time during the winter months.

Mon 8-4-2014 3-36-02 PM


Here is a video from 1965 showing the operation:

Thanks to Jon Fine for the film.

In order to serve patrons, a temporary building was used as a “Pro Shop”:

Tue 8-5-2014 10-30-33 AM

Tue 8-5-2014 10-30-58 AM


Snow-making equipment was also used:

Tue 8-5-2014 10-29-02 AM


An aerial shot showing the fill after delivery in 1964:


IMG_0045 IMG_0044

An aerial photo from 1966 showing the ski lift:

1966 lIFT

The program was run as a private “club” due to zoning regulations, but anyone could join. A ski lift was built and the operation continued through the 1970’s when the land at the top of the hill was sold for development. Bert continued to own several lots at the top of the hill until the late 1990’s.


Several items from The Toronto Star pertaining to the new Ski operations at Forest Valley:

February 26, 1965:



February 1, 1965:



A Ski Report listing conditions for Forest Valley. February 24, 1966:



An invitation to students to visit Forest Valley on a school holiday.  February 24, 1966:

Feb241966Wed 4-30-2014 5-14-13 PM