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Boat Races on the River

Boat races on the river. 1961. Before the G. Ross Lord Dam was built – just north of camp – the level of the river changed regularly with the rainfall.   When water levels were low, the river was accessible for activities like the one seen here.  After storms, the river would run very fast and very high and signs were posted warning campers and staff to stay away. After the dam was built in 1973, the water level was kept consistently higher and the river essentially became off limits to camp activities. The following aerial photos show camp before and after construction of the G. Ross Lord Dam: Before After Damdam

Video – Horse & Pony Stables

The horse program began in the early 60’s and ran for about 10 years.  Below is a view of the ponies grazing behind the Ranger area. The stables were set back about 200 feet from the river  and were accessible along a path that met the original bridge.

Photo ca. 1969


The Pony Carousel – as shown in the second camp brochure.  ca. 1960.  Trivia: Bert received the carousel and a stagecoach as settlement on a debt.

Here’s a video from 1967 showing the carousel in action:

The photos below are from 1961 – 1964 and show horses on the circular trail around the stables. The first photo shows Barbara Collins (stable manager) riding with a camper:







Horse riding video. ca. 1961: