Camper Bags

The Classic Camper Bag

Originally, all the bags were blue w/tan trim:

50s, bags

2nd Generation also blue w/ Bathurst Manor Day Camp. Plastic handles:


3rd Generation – multicoloured – smaller size – without printing for at least one year:


4th Generation introduced colour coding. Originally made of canvas. Later versions were vinyl. Handles were originally tubular plastic. Later plastic straps, then woven straps. The first bags did not provide a location for the camper name. Later, a white rectangle was added for this purpose.


Camper Bags were replaced by backpacks in 1991:


Original Colour Coding:

Red: Peewees

Green: Zoolus

Yellow: Jetsons

Blue: Pioneers (co-ed)

Orange: Rangers (co-ed)



The coed units Pioneers and Rangers were changed to Boysworld (Blue) / Girlsworld (Maroon)

Boysworld and Girlsworld were changed to Mustangs (Orange) / Mavericks (Blue)

Peewees changed to Muppets – colour remained the same (Red)

Tennis Camp Added: Green

Computer Camp: Blue

Teen Town: Blue