Bathurst Manor Plaza The Most Comprehensive History on the Internet!

2017 Note: This page started as a small reference to the plaza where Bathurst Manor / Forest Valley Day Camp  purchased many daily supplies. It has developed into what appears to be the only comprehensive source of information about the plaza.


A frequent destination for camp purchases, Bathurst Manor Plaza (a.k.a. Wilmington Plaza) was built in 1957 during the development of the area. Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, it was a bustling community plaza with a wide variety of stores and services.

This sign introduced the plaza to the neighbourhood:


During Construction. The 2-storey south section and the Dominion (later Sunnybrook) store were built first. 1957:



A gas station was added in 1961:


An addition was built in 1984:


A third addition was added later for “Edith’s Fashions.” This building was spared from demolition in 2017 – likely to be used as a sales office for the new development:


The plaza was original referred to as “Bathurst Manor Plaza”. Later, it became know as “Wilmington Plaza”

Partial List of Stores
Abie’s Restaurant
Ann Biederman Frocks
Bagel Nook (The)
Barber Shop (Roger Williams)
Bathurst Manor Cleaners
Bathurst Manor Food Centre
Bathurst Manor Fruit Market
Brody’s Jewelers
Clover Printing and Labels
Country Style Donuts (Kosher)
Demi’s Restaurant
Dollar Guys (Ali)
Edith’s Fashions
Fressor’s Restaurant
Fagot’s Hardware (Later, Metro Hardware) Aby Moses & Family
Fisherman’s Table Restaurant
Focus Optical
Gary’s Sports Cards
GoGo Luggage & Leather
Goodman’s China
Hopedale Drugatieria (Later Shoppers Drug Mart) Fred Stall/Harvey Pearlston
Isaac’s Bakery
Israel’s Judaica
King David Pizza (Uri Hazan)
Knights of the Campus Boys Wear
The Leather Mart
Lisary Bags & Luggage
Little Caesar’s (Before King David Pizza)
Louis’ Bakery
Man About Town (Alessandro DeRosa)
Meat/Poultry Shop
P.F. Travel
Rachel’s Catering
Red Ruby Restaurant
Ronit Originals – Unisex Italian Leather Fashions
Shoe Repair
Shoppers Drug Mart
Sunny Gym
Sunnybrook (formerly Dominion)
Tony’s Hairstyling
Toy Store
Variety Store / Smoke Shop / Krivy’s Cigar Store
Video Break
Wilmington Convenience & Produce (Terry Kim)

Bathurst Manor Service Centre (Morris & Alex)
Originally Shell. Later Pioneer. Owned by Mr. Pasternack

At one time, a guy named Rocco took care of the plaza.


Partial List of Office Tenants:

110 – 120 Overbrook Place

MCI Medical Clinics
Dr. Irving Zelcer
Dr. Harriet Train
Dr. Alan Sandler
Dr. Gerry Cohen
Dr. May Cohen
Dr. Grey
Riaboy & Anic Engineering Ltd
New Fraternal Jewish Association
Terry Leuty Real Estate (Harold “Husky” Goldkind)
Beth Meyer
Overbrook Medical Centre



A video of the plaza. ca. 1990:


A collection of ads from local newspapers.

April 9, 1987

December 6, 1974 December 5, 1975

wed12-07-16-8-26-39-pmApril 12, 1968

May 19, 1988


 May 7, 1992 May 7, 1992a May 11, 1989 September 18, 1986 September 15, 1988 October 12, 1989 November 4, 1977 May 7, 1987 September 26, 1985

Prior to the closing of Shoppers Drug Mart:bathurst-manor-plaza




Following the closure of Sunnybrook in the mid 1980s, business declined in the plaza. Many stores closed. Some new tenants moved in, but did not stay long. In the early 2000’s, major tenants like CIBC, LCBO, & Shoppers Drug Mart left the plaza. Without these core tenants to draw traffic, the remaining stores struggled to survive.

Photos from the 2000s:

12907030905_1bc4da1f46_o 12907065685_3d05bb8de3_o 12907074285_3d75831690_o 12907125073_4bfa83bbde_o


The phone numbers for the 2 pay phones:










In July, 2016, the plaza closed. It was boarded up in November 2016.



Several news articles about the closing.


thu12-08-16-9-33-58-amartifcle21 article




Demolition of the plaza began in February 2017. The building formerly used by Edith’s fashions (facing Wilmington) looks like it will be retained – likely to be used as a sales office for future development:


Proposals have been in the works since 2006.


Link to City of Toronto Development Page:


Latest News

From 2012 Plan:

11 thoughts on “Bathurst Manor Plaza The Most Comprehensive History on the Internet!

  1. So sad that this plaza couldn’t be revitalized and used by the community. It was just sitting around, decomposing for years. I’ll always have fond memories of Isaac’s Bakery and Sunnybrook. 😥

  2. Many great memories ..
    The convenience store for chocolate bars, drinks, comic books…
    Shoe store when I was in grade 6
    PF Flyers running shoes with a free decoder ring !
    The CIBC bank at the far end of the plaza .. Scar driving through the glass window !
    The barber shop where I had brush cuts for the summer .. Also a stick of wax to stick up the front hairs .. Fagot & Sins Hardware. The drug store where Mr.Fred Stall was the pharmacist . Rides in the parking lot ! Wow so many memories !

    1. The drug store was Hopedale Drugatieria. Fred Stall and my father Harvey Pearlston were partners. Shoppers took over the store after they bought out Hopedale.

  3. Do you have any photos of Sunnybrook Food Mart? Such fond memories. Sad to see it boarded up, I truly wish it had been maintained and revitalized for the community.

  4. A few to add to the list:

    – Fressor’s Restaurant
    – Gary’s Sports Cards (originally on the corner of the 80s section facing Sunnybrook, then moved into a larger space by the Focus Optical)
    – Little Caesar’s (only for about a year in mid-90s, before King David moved in)
    – Also, whatever that video store was that faced the Wilmington side of the 80s section for many years. Wasn’t video break but I’m totally drawing a blank.

    – Watching cartoons in a little coin-operated booth near the checkout at Sunnybrook
    – Candy, baseball cards and stickers from the Cigar Store
    – The elevator music. Oh, the elevator music. All day, every day.

  5. The store list is not a list without the Red Ruby Resturant. Oh the memories, few of which I would dare share in a public forum. 🙈🙉🙊

  6. There was also Abie’s restaurant in the late 70’s. Among, the regular Canadian style menu, they also served Falafels, hummus, techina(tahini), etc.

  7. Remembering the amazing pizza bagels at louis’ bakery, the midway that would herald the arrival of spring, “spinny” lusthouse who worked at the gas station (RIP), the old shoe store between Dominion and Fagot’s hardware store. Good times.

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