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  1. Okay, I might disappoint a lot of people with what I am about to say, but here it goes. I ghost-signed thousands of these on Bert’s behalf during my tenure as Swim Director and as a Director of the Camp. I would sign my name, as Swim Director, and his name, as Director. With close to a thousand a season, I became able to match Bert’s signature almost perfectly, and I used to pride myself on that. It was done at his request. He regarded the task as a nuisance and something that could be properly delegated. He was fully aware, and was often present when it was being done. In fact he was impressed, albeit somewhat unnerved, at the quality of the replica of his signature that I was able to produce on demand. The substitute was virtually undetectable from the original. Maybe that’s why he kept the cheque book under lock and key! 🙂 LOL

    Rest assured, I never used this skill for any improper purpose.

    It would of course depend on the year, but anyone who thinks that they have an authentic Bert Fine signature on one of these certificates may be disappointed to learn otherwise. The years in question would have been from about 1975 to 1982, although, in the later years, Rhonda Greenberg would have signed as Swim Director.

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