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  1. If nothing else, the presence of the Royal Union Flag (Union Jack) in the top picture tells us that this is pre-1965, since it was that year that Canada adopted its current flag. Although the Red Ensign was Canada’s official flag prior to the modern one, it was extremely common for people to fly the Union Jack instead. This was for two reasons: 1) to show allegiance to the British Commonwealth (very common in the post-war period); and 2) many Canadians at the time mistakenly thought that the Union Jack was actually Canada’s official flag.

    The person who took this picture was perched on the roof of what was the original Camp office prior to construction of the more modern facilities at the top of the parking lot. It was part of the building that housed the filter for the I Pool. The T locker room in the background was remodelled probably less than two years after this picture. An addition was added at the end where the tent appears in the picture. This provided extra locker space, a room to store towels, and a balcony. The door was moved more towards the end, and landscaping was added on the pool side of the building, in the direction of the I-Learner Pool, but not reaching all the way to it.

    1. The flag was the reason for my “pre 1965” caption as well. Thanks for the additional information. The re-configuration/addition to the locker room when the T-Pool was built is a topic I have been meaning to get to. There were quite a number of changes beyond adding a second side to the locker room. I did not think it was lengthened though. I’ll try to get to it this week.

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